Le Jardin Secret (5) - planting

In June 2015 Tom Stuart-Smith and I returned to Marrakech to set out the majority of the planting.  A mix of grasses, aloes, agaves, and other xerophytic plants with flowering perennial and shrubs from similar climatic regions around the world (Australia, Sth Africa, Mediterranean, Nth Africa and California) were planted in the exotic garden.  In the Islamic garden a mix of Tulbaghia, Lavander and Rosemary were set out through a mass planting of Stipa tenuissima.  In January 2016 California poppy seeds will be sown through the Stipa also.  The temperatures during the day would reach the mid 40's celcius.  To help the establishment of the plants a shade cloth was erected over the entire garden, reducing the temperature by 15 degrees.