Tukituki river valley garden, Hawkes Bay
Private garden
This large rural property enjoys views across the Tukituki river valley to Mt Erin.  A new house in under construction, sited on a large platform.  The landscape proposals create gardens related to the different aspects of the building, offering external spaces suited to different times of day and different views across the surrounding landscape.

An entrance garden comprising two courtyards enclosed with hedging sits to the south of the house.  The eastern courtyard provides a dining terrace connected to the kitchen.  The western courtyard is centred on a water basin providing a sheltered sitting area adjoining the living room.  

A tennis court and pool garden sits to the west of the house.  A stepped embankment of stone retaining walls and Mediterranean planting create a sunken platform for the tennis court, maintaining views to the wider landscape from the west elevation of the house.  The pool is set within planting comprising a mix of ornamental grasses and perennials.  A pavilion sits at the western end of the pool, sat atop a tributary river valley to the Tukituki.  

The north garden includes a large flat expanse of lawn within which a vast reflective water basin sits.  A rill of water connects the basin with a secret terrace at the north end of the garden.  The terrace includes a clay shoot platform, golf tee and pergolas, positioned at the top of a steep slope with views to Mt Erin and the Tukituki river below.

A stone and pip fruit orchard fills the flat expanse to the south of the house and an Olive orchard sits below the house to the east.