The Beach House, 
Mustique Island, Caribbean
Private garden 

The Beach House is located on the southern tip of Mustique Island, part of the Grenadines in the Caribbean. The property consists of a collection of bamboo clad buildings across a steep cliff  that descends to a beach terrace looking across the azure waters towards the mainland of St. Vincent.  The setting has a distinctly Caribbean feel, lush green and surrounded by dense foliage with views across the sea.  

The brief was to create a tropical jungle setting to the characterful bamboo clad structures, maximising the areas of planting on what was a steep, wild and overgrown site. The former drive was turned into a garden walk along the spine of the property with the introduction of a water basin and a dining pavilion.  A pool terrace and private jacuzzi were added on the lower terraces.  A pre-existing derelict shelter by the sea was revived and planted to create a private terrace next to the beach. 

Planting is simple throughout with  the client’s preference for colour to be kept to a minimum.  The planting design became a study of form, texture and shades of green.  Numerous species of philodendron, alocasia, bananas, palms and local fruit trees - all sourced locally - envelop the terrace walls and buildings.