Point Wells,                  
Omaha, New Zealand
Private garden

Located on the rich peaty ground of the Point Wells area near Omaha, this large rural property enjoys a 180 degree view of a beautiful estuarine landscape to the north and west of the house.  Expansive lawns designated for a cricket oval extend to the east and a stone fruit orchard has been established to the south of the house along the drive.  A contemporary building has recently been completed, designed by Aaron Paterson, comprising two long wings joined by a corridor and deck, thus creating a niche or courtyard both to the north and south of the central corridor.  The southern courtyard provides access from the car park to the front door through a garden full of native shrubs, South African restiads and a grove of Sophora chathamica and Carpodetus serratus.  On the northern side of the house a more floriferous garden connects the deck between the two wings of the house with a terrace that enjoys a direct view across the estuary under a vast weeping Gleditsia growing out of the lawn.  The garden to the north of the house continues the use of restiads with native ground covers and flowering perennials mixed in to create a highly textured and varied planting scheme.