Paris garden
Private garden
This garden, built in 2011, responded to the clients brief that they didn’t particularly want to spend any time in it. A rectangular plot, the long side of which abuts the paved terrace of the house became a space to be viewed primarily from within the house.

A collection of 13x multi-stem maple trees were planted as a grove occupying the majority of the garden with clumps of tall bamboo that bookend the space. A web of narrow paths laid with small basalt setts dissect the ground plane creating amoebic plots of planting under the maple trees. The planting is primarily large swathes of Hakonechloa grass with lumps of evergreen shrubs, Buxus and Sarcoccoca. Flowers emerge in spring with a variety of bulbs, in autumn the garden becomes a fiery red as the leaves of the maples turn.

A roof garden was created across the top of the house providing a private sunny place for outdoor dining. A perimeter planter clad in zinc with a narrow rill of water was installed, planted with olive trees, Pittosporum, Gaura and Sesslaria.

The garden was designed by Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd while Andy worked with the practice, Andy's role was the lead landscape architect.