Private garden
This rural property located outside Matakana village is nestled into a valley with stands of large deciduous trees and native bush around the boundaries.  A new house will be built, orchards planted and an existing wetland extended and re-planted.  Planting around the house and pool will be full of perennial flowers and ornamental grasses.  The orchards will be growing through a carpet of wildflowers and tall meadow grass.  The existing drive is to be re-directed through woodland planting, arriving at a large planted courtyard between the house and barn.  A sunken fence will create the effect of a ha-ha separating the mown grass in front of the house from the wider property that will be grazed by sheep.  Native planting will be strengthened around the perimeter of the property during the winter of 2016 with the remaining garden to be built the following spring and into 2017 following the completion of the new house.