Augustus restaurant,                  
St Mary's Bay, Auckland
Interior and Courtyard garden
Opened in November 2016 this restaurant includes a courtyard garden and extensive interior planting.  Working with interior designer Emma Richardson the dining room is reminiscent of a Victorian orangerie, full of exotic plants from the different corners of the plant kingdom.  A pair of pygmy date palms take centre stage with collections of succulents, ferns and trailing plants adorning the columns and hanging baskets.

A similar exotic palette of plants extends into the adjoining courtyard where the benign Auckland climate allows a mix of temperate and subtropical plants to thrive.  Topiary gives year round structure to the planting, mixed in with flowering perennials and exotic gingers, orchids and ferns.  Standard lime trees, Cussonia spicata and pygmy date palms give height with a pair of Frangipani that bookend the space.  

Photos courtesy of Richardson Creates